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TV Bracket

Frequently Asked Questions about TV Mounting and TV Bracket from the Homeowners

What are the benefits of TV Mounting ?

Spacious and viewings from different angles. Plug in cables and wires are keep properly and
neatly. The risk of the flat screen LCD or plasma TV getting damaged is lesser as the chances of the screen touch or hit by an object is reduce.

What are the common TV Brackets use ?

Fixed bracket – Bracket in a fixed position and keep close to the wall. It is not able to tilt up/down or turn left/ right.

Tilting bracket – Bracket which is able to only tilt up/down.

Single arm/Double arm bracket – This bracket allows the most tilting after being mounted to the wall.It can pull out from the wall or push in toward the wall, tilt up/down, turn left/right. Single or double arm will depend on the size and weight of the television.

How do I measure the size of my TV ?

Find out the VESA Mount Compatibility of the TV model . Alternatively, measure the mounting hole dimensions manually from left to right and top to bottom.

How long is the installation process ?

Usually 30 minutes as it requires proper alignment. However, it may vary depend on the vendor you engage.

Above Frequently Asked Questions is extracted from Tiger Mount specializes in the installation of TV wall mounting services of all LCD/LED and plasma TVs.