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BTO Home Networking

Data Point Installation and Conversion Promotion
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3 Data Points Package Deal includes:
  • 3 Data points (3 rooms)
  • 1 Data patch panel point (Utility Panel)
  • 1 Digital voice loop back
  • 1 Year full onsite warranty

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Point Installation/Conversion from the Homeowners

How do I know whether is Data Point Installation/Conversion needed for my new home ?

One of the simple methods is to check your utility box. You can refer to the pictures at as a reference.

How many data point installation/conversion requires for our house ?

As a rule of thumb, the number of data point depends on the number of room. For instance, a normal 4 room flat with 3 bedrooms will normally require 3 data point installation/conversion unless there is a need to include one in bomb shelter/storeroom, etc for the purpose of other network device like printer, etc.

When is a good time for data point installation/conversion ?

The best time for data point installation/conversion is after the electric work and before the final touch up of the paint. It will be good to have some paint if there is a need to touch up on the wall. You can engage us after your internet activation if you like to test or troubleshoot your internet connection.

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Why do my home have to do Data Point installation/conversion ?

Some (especially gamer or people who like to download) prefer wire connection as it is faster and stable than wireless connection. Our Cat 6 cable will allow you to maximize the speed up to 10 Gbps.
Solve the wireless issue when the router is place in the living room. Master bedroom may experience little or no wifi without the data point installation/conversion.
Therefore, the data point will help you to solve the connectivity issue for both wire and wireless connection.

How does Data Point installation/conversion fix the wire and wireless connection ?

1. Convert all points so all the rooms can use wire connection and/or add another router in any common room for additional wifi coverage.
2. Convert one point and put the router in the converted room for the wifi to be more centralized.

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Can I use power plug or Wifi Extender/Repeater ?

Yes. But we don't recommend as performance is compromise and not reliable. It is also expensive and constant upgrading is needed.

Other than Data Point installation/conversion, do you sell router and/or provide configuration and set up service ?

Yes, we do sell router. Please inform our admin or technician if you require the router before the appointment. Configuration and set up service will be free of charge on the same day of the installation/conversion.
If the configuration or set up is on another day, a transport fee of $30 to $50 depending on the location and type of housing.

Why engage BTO Home Networking ?

BTO Home Networking offers the best price.
No hidden charge and no additional charge for weekend, evening or night slot.
Professional service.
More than 10 years of experience, serviced more than thousands of home in Singapore.
Premium quality material.
All our raw materials such as face plate are sourced specially cater to all our home in Singapore.
Service Guarantee.
We will check all connections after every service is done and provide one year on site warranty.

Our operation hours ?

8am to 9pm on Monday to Saturday. 8am to 5.30pm on Sunday and public holiday.

BTO Home Networking is a company in Singapore provides data point installation/conversion. As one of the pioneers for data point installation/conversion with a team of dedicate and experience technicians, we are committed to provide the best connectivity for your home at a very affordable price!
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